The creation of Roura & Cevasa results from the merger of the two largest Sign companies in Spain. This merger provided the ideal size for undertaking national and international projects of different characteristics and magnitudes.

The pillars upon which Roura and Cevasa bases its activity are:

  • Engineering
  • Production Capacity
  • R & D
  • Experience (large scale projects and different markets)
  • Worldwide presence

Having its own Engineering and R&D department improves the level of standardization design, guarantees manufacturing quality and optimizes costs.
The availability of production resources (two factories) and logistics (eight offices) located in different regions of Spain and Portugal allows for localized costs, and in many cases avoids additional transport costs.

The accumulated experience of Roura & Cevasa in the implementation of large scale Re-branding projects carried out in Europe, South America and Asia is a milestone that is difficult to equal by the competition, and provides it with feedback regarding the processes, materials and technology, which allows it to be in a constant process of innovation.

This availability of resources and experience enables Roura to Cevasa to work with local, multinational and global clients, and obtain optimum results for all of them.

All of the above is demonstrated in the implementation of the Nissan brand in it’s network of dealerships in Italy, the implementation of the Santander corporate identity in the United Kingdom or the signage at the Check Lap Kock international airport in Hong Kong (China).